IFMSA-Egypt 1st General Assembly 2017/2018


We had an awesome kickoff for our 2017/2018 term! Our first General Assembly was one of a kind. It encountered more than 800 IFMSA-Egypt members from all over Egypt. It was the first time to have all these people in such an event. We had different Standing Committees’ sessions, LC Management session and Presidents’ session. In the SC sessions, there were around 100 people in each one. They shared their ideas and plans about this term’s working system and there were different activities and exercises whether related to work or just for having fun for the reason of getting members all together as a one unit.

The day started at around 9.30 am by the orientation session about IFMSA and IFMSA-Egypt and introducing the new elected TO members. Then, there were the sessions where each TO member conducted his/her respective session. After that there were some training sessions which the participants registered for before coming to the GA. The training session were about different soft skills and other skills such as project management.

After that, there comes the time for the plenary session where everyone gathered in a big hall to see how the important decisions of the association were taken and the TO members showed their Annual Working Plan for the term 2017-2018. Finally, the day ended peacefully and joyfully and everyone benefited from the GA in addition to making new friends and having some fun with them.

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