IFMSA-Egypt present at 2017 ECOSOC Youth Forum - New York, USA
30th of January, 2017



IFMSA-Egypt is honoured to be part of the UN nominated youth delegation representing Egypt in 2017 ECOSOC Youth Forum that takes place in New york from 30th to 31st of January 2017. IFMSA-Egypt president, Amro Aglan, secretary general & treasurer, Omneya Mostafa and national officer on Reproductive Health & AIDs, Ahmed Taha.

IFMSA-Egypt got the opportunity to give a speech by our amazing secretary general and treasurer, Omneya Mostafa, during the high level interactive session on the first day with attendance of high ranking government officials, senior officials from the United Nations, in addition to regional and global intergovernmental organisations. Please find below her great speech about IFMSA-Egypt efforts to ensure young people's access to sexual and reproductive health services and education. 

"Good morning everyone, good morning young leaders from all over the world,


Governments need to realize that we have needs, we will be sexually active whenever we believe is the right time for that. When mentioning Youth access to sexual and reproductive health services, we are talking about non discriminatory, non stigmatizing, and high quality healthcare services provided by well educated health care providers.

IFMSA Egypt has realized this critical matter a while ago, therefore, we have started giving a special focus of preparing current medical students on such. We believe that not all medical education systems are well equipped and sufficient to prepare medical students to provide the non judgemental services we advocate for, especially in conservative societies as the one I come from.

In Egypt one of the most important struggles we’re facing is getting our government to commit and uphold the sexual component of the service. However, giving young people access to proper healthcare and educational facilities, will create in return a healthy and productive generation which is the biggest investment our governments could have, creating a strong force for economic development. Additionally, access to sexual and reproductive health services is a right for all, including young people. And that’s from where our efforts started.

We have been combating the medicalization of FGM. It has been very devastating when the UNICEF revealed that 77% of FGM cases in Egypt are done by medical professionals whom we suppose get some of the best education in the country [1]. Additionally, we have conducted a cross sectional study across all medical schools in Egypt that revealed the fact that only 30.5% of them had sufficient knowledge about the issue.

On one other hand, we depend on multi sectorial collaboration as a youth led organization to represent the voice of future healthcare professionals among community leaders, UN agencies, ministries and civil work society.

To sum up, IFMSA Egypt works on achieving access and knowledge to reproductive health for young people such as: comprehensive sexuality education, gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS through different methodologies. Through capacity building, research, community outreach, policy making and public mobilization, we aim at transforming the youth from just beneficiaries of such services to contributor in shaping them. Simply, Nothing for us Without us"

IFMSA-Egypt is working hard to represent Egyptian medical students and Egyptian youth during this forum and we will keep you updated after the conference is over.





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