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“Gender Mania”

“Interact, Learn, love”


“Gender mania”, we will spend 2 successive weeks talking, learning and watching movies about gender based violence.

"Interact, Learn, Love”, interaction is essential to get the maximum benefits from the trainers. Learn as much as you can; make sure to spread SCORA love everywhere.

Beside the workshops, we have a very enjoyable social program to visit most of the touristic areas in Egypt, in order to explore the ancient Egyptian history, Islamic, Coptic and Modern Egypt.

SCORA X-change program:

  • Anti-sexual harassment training
  • FGM training
  • Gender equality workshop
  • 5 days internship in Alexandria oncology center

Invitation Package:




  • Early registration deadline:  15\7\2015
    • Fees: 300 euros.
  • Late registration deadline:  20/8/2015
    • Fees: 325 euros.

Application form:

For any inquiries, contact us at
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