World Health Day 2018

Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere

                        World Health Organization Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office, Cairo, Egypt

Wednesday 4th of April 2018, the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office was celebrating (The World Health Day 2018) under the theme of (Universal health coverage: Everyone, Everywhere). The celebration was a panel discussion with 6 renowned global and Regional public health expert panelists. They shared their experiences, success stories and challenges in making the goal of “health for all” a reality for everyone everywhere.

Universal Health coverage is about ensuring that all people can access quality health services, where and when they need them without suffering financial hardship. Moving towards UHC is indispensable for promoting "health as human right" and enhancing socioeconomic development. The Universal health coverage campaign calls for some non-questionable rights regarding health care world-wide, some of these rights are:

• No one should go bankrupt when they get sick.

• The right to affordable, quality health care belongs to everyone, everywhere.

• No one should have to choose between good health and life's necessities.

The event was attended by a high rank representative from the Egyptian ministry of finances who assured that the government is sparing no effort in allocating the required finances in implementing universal health insurance law in Egypt.

IFMSA-Egypt was present at this meeting by 12 of its most active members, representing young people and medical students.

By: Ahmed Saleh, Suez Canal University

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