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Below you can read some experiences from medical students who came to Egypt before you!

Adriana, Romania.
My visit to Egypt was so great .I liked Egyptian people so much. My favorite places were The Red Sea and the pyramids. I hope to visit Egypt again because I found a new family there.



Vitalijs Zujs, Latvia.
- What do you Feel about Security Situation in Egypt ?
- I feel safe in every city in Egypt (Dahab, Alexandria, Banha, Tanta, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and others) You have nice military, that can help citizens and tourists if they have some question. While I was in Egypt I didn't think about my safety, because I knew, that nothing can happen with me. Security in Egypt is on a high level.


Megan Catalin, Romania.
During September 2012 I attended a research program exchange in the department of Plastic Surgery.
For me the trip to Egypt was life changing and I consider it one of the best experiences I had it since I started the medical school. I was very excited that I had the opportunity to chose Egypt for my research program.
Despite everything I saw on TV, read in the newspaper or heard on the radio, about the difficult situation that Egypt was passing through , I felt safe for the hole time I was in Egypt. The people are amazing and that is what I miss the most about that country. IFMSA-Egypt members took a great care of us, and they provided us everything we needed. I appreciate that students were able to speak English very easily. We had all type of activities like: playing squash and football, going to swimming pool, organize a barbeque and playing play station.
We were able to visit most of the country: Luxor, Aswan , Hurghada and last but not least, we visited Cairo . Everybody knows Egypt culture is amazing so I won’t insist on this subject.
The accommodation was good, the hostel was clean and quiet and the meal we served everyday at the cafeteria was delicious.
The Plastic surgery team was very willing to teach me, they offered me great opportunities to learn about pathologies that are not so common in my country. I bow in front of them for all the attention and respect they had towards me.
Thank you guys for making my stay in Egypt one of the most beautiful experiences in my life.


Marija Zivcovic, Serbia.
Exchange in Egypt was the single best experience of my life and I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the range of exchange opportunities IFMSA provides. Living in a different culture will open your eyes and leave you grinning crazily as you realize you are out there in the big wide world and studying while learning about it.



Ludmila Kacicova, Czech.

The time I spent in Egypt was great time which I really enjoyed. I spent my clerkship at the Internal Department, where I was able to see patients suffering from some diseases which are exotic (as bilharsiosis) or very rare in my country (as hepatitis c). For the first time in my life I saw the situation of health care system in a developing country and I found out that it is possible to do good medicine in bad conditions.

Social program was really great and students who took care of us were very helpful. The best part of social program was our travels; especially the trips to Sinai and to Dahab.

The food was very different from Czech food, but very delicious. I strongly recommend everybody to come for exchange to Egypt, as it is an exceptional opportunity to see the country, people and hospitals very close. It wasn't dangerous at all (even for blond-hair-girl), because our coordinators carefully took care of us.

Egypt je uzasne misto, ktere rozhodne stoji zato navstivit, a prestoze se zde student mediciny nesetka se spickovou technikou, prinos staze je obrovsky.


George Farmakis, Greece.
Finished medicine, medical school of Aristotle university of Thessaloniki, Greece.
I have done my practice for 3 weeks in the traumatology clinic, and had the chance to visit other clinics during the "cold" days. The staff there was very helpful and the coordinators were able to assist us anytime. In the trauma section i watched how an emergency trauma is being treated and transported to other sections of the hospital. I witnessed also the triage of the patients.
The best things i liked about Egypt where the exotic places such us pyramids, deserts and oasis and also the food koshari. I didn't like much the hygiene services the litter on the streets and style of driving, but of course the pros all much more in Egypt, and that's the reason i would recommend anyone to visit this beautiful country with an exchange program hosted by SCMSA.


Agnes Kuzior, Poland.
It was my holidays between 3rd and 4th year, I was very happy that I had a possibility to join IFMSA-Exchange program! My practice took place in Internal Medicine department, so we had mostly cases of hepatitis etc., but there were also other interesting cases, almost impossible to say in Poland, especially as a third-year student, like advanced lupus, myeloma multiplex, severe nephroblastoma etc. Our supervising doctors were open to our suggestions, so sometimes they took us to other departments, like Surgery & Pediatrics.
We had also opportunity to join lectures of Summer School – about tropical diseases, and also one untypical conference about Chinese Traditional Medicine.
The program added to my medical knowledge and skills A LOT!
First – I saw so many cases of different diseases, which actually was my main purpose on the practice.
Then – we could also train our skill in history taking and physical examination. Many times I checked by myself all signs of ascites, which in Poland I knew only from the books, I palpated the kidney with nephroblastoma for the first time, I auscultated congenital heart defects in newborns and advanced Tuberculosis.
I learnt also a lot about tropical diseases, their semiology and treatment, and also discovered new information about other branches of medicine. I also saw how health care system in Egypt works.
I couldn’t even imagine that I will see, learn and practice so many things in this short time.

The most things I liked in Egypt are (Food, Places, Trips, Situations) Everything!!!
I think that medical part of the practice is important, but we can’t forget, that we live one month in other country, and that we will know it better than in ANY touristic trip!
I thought that I know Egypt, because so many friends of mine, and my family – members used to go there for holidays etc., but then I realized, than non-touristic part of Egypt is so much different than the ‘normal’ one, and even more interesting!
I wouldn’t lie saying that I loved everything there:
from Food, which is so delicious and cheap (especially the best thing: koshary!
by the Place: with local night live, tasty sheesha, shops, with great uncommon stuff, crazy traffic jam and beautiful Arabic language.

I can’t forget about cities like Ismailia, Cairo, Alex and Port Said, Red Sea coast – Dahab, Siwa, Mouse Mountain and Pyramid… Everything was so wonderful!
Of course, Trips – Egypt offers us so many place to visit that it is impossible to see everything; we went with then to Siwa, which was amazing and unforgettable experience. We also recommend visiting Cairo, Dahab and Alexandria, where we’ve been by ourselves.
Finally Situations: Egyptian hospitality is famous in the world; I don’t remember any place, where people were so nice and helpful. and our doctors, who were always ready to help us with anything (even non-medical problems), but also all Egyptians that we met, who are always smiling and want to make us happy in their beautiful country (even if they don’t speak any English!
I know that my opinion is so enthusiastic, but it’ what I really feel!

I strongly recommend to all medical students to go for exchange to Egypt! Of course it’s not place for the people who don’t like sun & hot weather and typical European lifestyle, because in Egypt everything is different. I prefer the Egyptian way of living, so I was really happy there.
I spent In Egypt the Best month of my life…really!


Fellip Dutra da Silva, Brazil.
This is my first IFMSA exchange; I've completed two weeks of internship in the department of orthopedics. I managed to participate in both elective and emergency surgeries, total 27 surgeries. I have the opportunity to ask questions during and after each surgery. All the doctors can speak English, facilitating the communication which allows me learning from different points of view.
The cultural exchanges with the students and doctors has been very important to improve my medical knowledge and to understand more about the several medical systems around the world. I feel a great reception from the students of IFMSA-Egypt and I'm very grateful for that.
I believe that this experience is wonderful for both the exchange student and the local students. There is an interchange every day, all the time through a nonverbal communication in the restaurants, on the streets, in the cabs, and everywhere I meet people that it's not part of my social conviviality here in Egypt. I'm sure I won't be the same after this exchange, it has changed my world view.
I choose Egypt because of it's culture and it's influence in Medicine in the past. I believe in the complementary in any career and in my case, I seek the largest variety to complete knowledge so I can become a better doctor.
The doctors have the important participation in promoting health and in health care. I feel that the more we know each other, the more we can understand each other and then respect and help each other. I know that it is not easy but programs like this can make it easier.
I already have friends in Europe and China, now I have friends here in Egypt
This experience has a huge relevance in my life which will affect my future decisions.


Jacky, China.
Before I go to Egypt, Let's say-, there are lots of first impressions came to my mind, like pyramids, Pharaohs...After this exchange program, there are few thing that I want to share with all the people I know throughout my life.
Firstly, the close communication between people, it means people do thing in groups rather than as individuals, and this is how all the humanity should be, we cannot live alone by ourselves, and this is why we have the merits and the demerits, we complete each others, I believe this idea is born with us, however the capitalism or something like that, the dark side of human masked it trickily, and people start to praise money as god, following all the rules told by the rich one, We lost, and I lost once too. During my exchange in Egypt, people I know in this country, they work together, play together, discuss things together, no matter the issue that they are facing is big or not, they share their life, and this is what I felt in this very very short time.
Purchasing this further, is about the religion, it maybe a topic that is a bit sensitive to some of you, but this religion give people a healthy and clean mind to live, and support the community, give them faith and encouragement to finish what they need to, I know nothing about this religion but I guess I saw some good aspects about it. I apologize to the one that disagree with me, but this is my experience and what I have seen by heart.
Lastly, is the medical students that I met in Egypt, I am not interested in politics but some of the students I met in Egypt, they want to change something in front of guns and tanks, just want to speak out that there are some imbalance in a system or a community, this is something I have never ever think of, or attempting to do, but even they have some different ideas, they will think of it logically and sincerely before making any decision or speaking out a word. I appreciated, so much.

Thank you IFMSA-Egypt.



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