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IFMSA-Egypt is a non-governmental, non-profit student’s organization that represents more than 80,000 medical students all over Egypt. IFMSA-Egypt is represented through more than 4500 medical students in 27 local committees in the following Medical schools: Azhar Assiut, Ain Shams, Alexandria, Assiut, Aswan, Azhar Cairo, Benha, Beni Suef, Damietta, Fayoum, Galala, Helwan, Kasr Al Ainy,  Kafr El-sheikh, Kena, October 6th, Mansoura, Menofia, Minya, Misr University for Science and Technology, Nahda, New Giza, Port Said, Sohag, Suez Canal, Tanta and Zagazig.

About Us
About Us


IFMSA-Egypt serves as the representative organization and leading opportunities hub for medical students in Egypt, making it an integral part of every student’s medical journey and a leading youth, health advocacy organization among stakeholders.

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer future physicians a comprehensive introduction to global health issues. Through our operation and opportunities, we develop active, efficient, and culturally sensitive medical students, who are empowered and capable of influencing the transnational inequalities that shape the health of our community.

About Us

Consequently, the goal of the federation is to serve society and medical students all over Egypt through its member organaizations by:

  • Empowering medical students to use their knowledge and capacities for the benefit of the society.
  • Providing a forum for medical students throughout Egypt to discuss topics related to individual and community health, education, and science; and to formulate policies from such discussions.
  • Promoting and facilitating professional and research exchange, as well as activities and extracurricular training for medical students; thereby sensitizing them to other cultures and societies and their health problems;
  • Providing a link between medical students and other organization, and encouraging their cooperation for the ultimate benefit of society;
  • Promoting a student-led model of development, aligned with the national and global visions for sustainability. 
About Us


IFMSA-Egypt is a full National Member Organization of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA), it was founded in 1951, is one of the world’s oldest and largest student-run organisations. It represents, connects and engages every day with an inspiring and engaging network of 1.3 million medical students from 140 national member organizations in 130 countries around the globe.

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IFMSA-Egypt Team of Officials 2023-2024

Omnia Ibrahim
President Interim
Merehan Fouda
Secretary General & Treasurer Interim
Arwa Elbaghdady
Vice President Interim
Mostafa Bargout
NEO-Out Ad Interim
Mostafa Elkafrawy
NEO-In Ad Interim
Ahmed Essam
NORE Ad Interim
Mohamed Tafweeq
NPO Ad Interim
Esraa Ahmed
NORA Ad Interim
Basel Alaa
NOME Ad Interim
Salma Hassan
NORP Ad Interim
Mohamed Hefzy
CBSDD Ad Interim
Fadwa El-Baz
PSDD Ad Interim
Omar Khaled
PNSDD Ad Interim
Hesham Mohamed
FSDD Ad Interim
Youssef Godaa
RSDD Ad Interim

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