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Our Support Divisions IFMSA-Egypt has five supporting divisions that work to support the work of the standing committees and the organisation as a whole.

The goal of the CBSD is to empower the federation with the needed competencies and potentials in pursuit of the federation’s goals and ensure the creation, sustainability, and continuity of its capacity.

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The Project Support Division (PSD) is responsible for IFMSA-Egypt’s Focus Areas and Projects Development, as it heavily focuses on ensuring the quality of IFMSA-Egypt’s Activities Management.  

The Publications & New Technologies Support Division is the division responsible for maintaining IFMSA’s presence both online and offline.

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The Fundraising Support Division (FSD) represents the core responsible for boosting and diversifying the financial resources in the organisation, setting their sights on maintaining the financial sustainability of the activities and ensure meeting their demands through multiple fundraising methods.

The Research Support Division undertakes and supervises all research-related work in IFMSA-Egypt, including but not limited to providing scientific background for activity planning and impact assessment, supporting the decision-making process in IFMSA-Egypt, research capacity building, research education, advocating for open science and open access.

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