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The Research Support Division undertakes and supervises all research-related work in IFMSA-Egypt, including but not limited to providing scientific background for activity planning and impact assessment, supporting the decision-making process in IFMSA-Egypt, research capacity building, research education, advocating for open science and open access. The RSD plays an integral role in facilitating SCORE exchanges in IFMSA-Egypt through participating in initiating and revising research projects to be enrolled on IFMSA Exchange Database and preparing research educational activities.


Mission & Goals

The Research Support Division ensures that both IFMSA-Egypt and medical students are able to generate research and use research for development, health development and global health through research education, providing research opportunities, capacity building of IFMSA-Egypt teams, advocacy and collaboration with external partners.



  1. Playing an active role in supporting IFMSA-Egypt work through research and ensuring the adequate evidence.
  2. Educating medical students in Egypt on research and supporting them in developing their research capacities
  3. Working towards achieving sustainable development related to health through research.
  4. Working towards global health through research.

What do we do?

  1. Develop, implement, and publish the national research projects under the name of IFMSA-Egypt and all of the Authors.
  2. Develop, implement, and coordinate the Capacity building strategy throughout the term (TOTs, National Camps, Webinars, Competitions, Support the LCs with trainers).
  3. Create a simplified manual of research subjects.
  4. Gathering the trainers “trainers pool” for advanced training and follow up to ensure the competency, quality, and continuity of Capacity building

5. Initiate and maintain contacts with other Research organizations to find conjoint projects or internships.

6. Create an open channel communication between all researchers in IFMSA-Egypt.

7. Make a space for competition between LCs throughout the term.


RSD National Team Structure

  • RSDD (Research Supporting Division director)
  • RSDD GA (RSDD General Assistant)
  • RSDD CBDA (RSDD Capacity Building Developmental Assistant)
  • RSDD LCsDA (RSDD Local Committees Developmental Assistant)
  • RSDD ADA (RSDD Activity Developmental Assistant)
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RSD Focus Areas

  • Research activities
  • Research education and capacity building
  • Access to research and research opportunities
  • Research exchange
  • Operations



TNRT ( Training of New Research Trainers )

The workshop targets both research education and training for trainers through soft skills sessions, ensuring the outcome of adequate and qualified research trainers who are able to continue the journey of research advocacy within IFMSA. The TNRT, Following the goal of access to research and research education, is a leading contribution to research advocacy within IFMSA.

ٍRSDDs Weekend

The local RSDDs weekends aim to orient the local RSDDs by all the details required for them to start working and set a clear vision for them on how to do so… 

This includes:

  • Introduction to the division and its roles
  • Introduction to their roles  and expectations
  • Sessions targeting each focus area of the division
  • Introduction to research IOGs and framework
  • soft skills sessions
  • open space 
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SWGs ( Small Working Groups )

The idea of a Smail Working Group is for members as it is a sort of capacity building and members engagement to come together to form a team of motivated individuals working on a specific research topic. It could be for manuals, toolkits, research activities, and projects.The SWG has specific goals and a timeline to guide its work. It’s a big opportunity for all members to get involved in national and international work and help in the advancement of IFMSA-Egypt.

Publishments ( Papers )

  1. Break the Silence: Knowledge and Attitude Towards Sexual and Reproductive Health Among Egyptian Youth”

    DOI: 10.1007/10597-020-00641-4

2. ” Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Egypt’s future physicians towards antimicrobial resistance

(KAP-AMR study): a multicenter cross-sectional study”

DOI: 10.1007/11356-020-08534-5

Research Projects


Any type of research related to the medical field; from literature research and basic research up to advanced clinical research, and including both primary and secondary research. The list of research that can be our research Project includes but is not limited to:

  • Literature studies
  • Systematic reviews and meta-analysis.
  • Cross-sectional studies and longitudinal studies
  • Public health studies

Secondary research can be labeled either as basic science research or clinical research without lab work. This can be defined by the type of department conducting the research, the area of the research, and the tasks of the students attending the project. Meta-Analysis/Review alone isn’t enough for a research project to be accepted. The project should include clinical/lab work related to the research topic, but not necessarily part of the research conducted.

Internal Operations of RSD

  • Internal development:

Needs assessments

Baseline assessment 

Situational analysis 

Stakeholders analysis 

Competency models

Evidence based team structure

  • Supporting the Standing Committees:

Evidence based advocacy 

Proposal writing 

Conjoint with SCOME and SCORE

  • Events Planning

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